Catering Frequently Asked Questions

May I make substitutions?
Substitutions may be made as long as they are off our current catering menu.

What if I have my own ideas or want something different that is not on the menu?
You may meet with the chef and create your own custom menu. There is a custom menu planning fee.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?
Yes, when you give us a final count of vegetarian guests coming to your event, we will create a dish for them to substitute the meat option.

Do you deliver outside Austin?
Yes, we can deliver outside the Austin area. There is an out-of-area mileage fee depending on where we are delivering to.

Will you visit our event space?
Yes, we prefer to visit any space we are doing our large party catering events at.

Can we arrange a tasting?
Yes, we encourage you to come in and meet with the chef and catering director. We encourage you to select the items you would like to try beforehand. Just let us know prior to the meeting and we will prepare them for you.

Can I use my own plates/serve ware?
Yes, you may use your own plates and serve ware.

Can you cut our cakes?
Yes we can cut cakes. Pricing is based on wedding cake details and size.

Can you serve food or beverages that other caterers or guests bring?
We do not mind if you bring in other people's prepared food or beverages, but we cannot be responsible for it, nor can we serve it. If we have made a prior arrangement to serve your specialty desserts, or your provided beer and wine for bar service, then that will be planned between us before the event.

What are my payment options for large parties?
Thank you for considering Noble Sandwich Company for your upcoming event! We require a 25% deposit of the total amount due to hold the date and begin food purchasing.

All payments made will include proper copy of receipts for both parties showing the time, date and amount paid.

Do you serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages?
Yes, we can provide sweet tea, unsweetened tea, hibiscus mint tea, lime-aid, sugar cane glass bottled sodas, filtered water, coffee, juice, beer, wine, and champagne. We do not currently serve liquor.

Do you provide rentals?
We currently do not provide rentals included in our buffet packages. We can serve from rentals that are provided by you, and brought to the venue for us to use, at no additional charge. If you would like for us to arrange pick up and delivery of your chosen rentals, we can make arrangements, prior to the event to do that as well.

Do you have servers to work the event?
Our menu pricing includes servers to set up the buffet, serve guests from the buffet, clean up of buffet and kitchen(if used), catering trash removal to onsite dumpsters or cans, a general clean up guest tables after dinner service, and proper storage of any leftover food. If you would like additional staff to work in the dining area throughout the evening, provide bartenders for beer and wine, cake cutting services, venue clean up for the duration of the event, trash haul from the venue property, or for any other needs, we can provide those for an additional fee. Each venue is different, and requires different things. Please contact us about your specific needs. We will try and accommodate those to the best of our abilities.

How does payment or deposits work?
Please see the payment and deposit page.